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Learn Belly Dance

Come and take the tools to Belly Dance

The School of Arab Dances proposes a rich and diversified program of Belly Dance classes. The students will enjoy learning Belly Dance in its various forms as instruction is offered in a wide variety of traditional and modern Belly Dance from the Arabic world stretching from North Africa to the Middle East with including Egyptian Belly Dancing.

This is a time of learning, of challenge, of accomplishment and fun ! 

The School and its Instructor

The School of Arab Dances has gone from strength to strength thanks to the passion of the students who support the school. Everyday, with my lovely students, the Arabic atmosphere that I am passionate for is reconstituted. 

My goal as a teacher and Director of the School is to offer the highest quality dance training and personal support that gives every student the possibility to enrich progressively their learning. I really do care about each student success as I consider it as my own success and this, no matter from where you come and what level you are on!

The School of Arab Dances is my home that I constructed slowly, slowly for the last eight years now in Hong Kong and you are most welcome in it !


             Belly Dance and its culture

I find it great that I have the opportunity to share my culture through teaching Belly dance in Hong Kong.  Bellydance reflects the Arab people: It is one and diverse, expressive and generous, interactive and fun. Arab people express their feelings through dance in a natural way and I like to insist on giving to my students the freedom for a natural and intuitive dance.  I established The School of Arab Dances, I think with the warmth, humor, and lightheartedness that define the culture I belong to.

 Belly Dance and your body

Belly Dancing is truly a way of conditioning your body as it involves all parts of it from head to toe. Very quickly, you will find that your body is firmer, shaped and your waist slimmer thanks to the rib cage work. Because belly dance is a complete form of exercise, your body will become and look healthier. Regular attendance will maximize physical conditioning !










Beginners & Intermediates

Limited space

January 2015

   coming soon!!!


Fees $HK980