Belly Dance classes with Shanaz School of Arab Dances

    Love and Respect go together

The School of Arab Dances expects that the students show respect and love to their school and Instructor by playing a significant role in the well being of the school. The School of Arab Dances will not derogate on the following points:   

The fun of Dancing: the students may come for different reasons but one is common to all: they want to enjoy the fun of dancing which is a notion that I would like to explain: we all know what is the fun of dancing with friends when we go for clubbing, so I will ask you to bring the same positive energy in the School when you come for your belly dance class even you had a difficult day. Your contribution is important for the enjoyment of all to have a fun class. 

Proper attire: Every activity or sport has its own exclusive requirements in terms of clothing and gear, and Belly Dance is no exception. Investing a little money in equipment to dress properly for the class is important. The School of Arab Dances requires dancers to adhere to the following dress code: a skirt and a tight top, a hip scarf and shoes. All are to be purchased at the school.

Quality skirts ($480 to $680),  tops ($320 to $480) and leather shoes ($480). 

It is strictly forbidden to copy the school items. 

Packages and expiry date: 

Fees must be paid in advance for courses/ private lessons / workshops. All packages expire officially after 4 weeks. 

There are no extensions on expired package under any circumstances. You are responsible for knowing the expiry date of your package.  

Why you cannot get an extension?  

3 kinds of packages are available for purchase at The School of Arab Dances. The more classes you buy, the more you get discounts. By extending your package, the school would be unfair to the students who strictly abide to the rules.  

Also, the School of Arab Dances has to meet its monthly obligations.  

Please, don’t offend your Instructor by asking for an exceptional extension as the teacher will not have other choice then to offend you by saying no.  

If you cannot use a larger amount of classes, a smaller one might be best.  


Students must inform that they will attend class by email or phone or . Please ensure that you try to arrive in time for your class.  

Mobile Phones 

They must remain on silent during class and not used for taking photos of videos without permission.  


The School of Arab Dances reserves the right, at any time, to modify or update the terms and conditions of its functioning. The School of Arab Dances reserves the right to change times/dates of lessons in special circumstances.  

By agreeing to these terms, you will ensure an enjoyable atmosphere.  

Dancing is fun, so enjoy yourself in dance and in life! 

With love and respect, 




Please ensure you read the School policy and you understand its terms to avoid misundersting.