Belly Dance classes with Shanaz School of Arab Dances

"I joined the School of Arab Dances when I arrived in Hong Kong end of 2011, after having lived a few years in Egypt and hence having picked up a passion for the Arabic culture. For sure, Shanaz is the best teacher I have ever met – her passion for the Arab Dances and for sharing her knowledge and experience is very enticing.  She has a great talent for explaining the dance, the rhythm, the music and the culture in a unique way, which makes that I have seen her teach any beginner from any background evolve to a basic but yet qualitative level in just a few classes' time.  I have seen many dancers over the years – many have technique but few combine technique with an authentic taste and passion for the music and culture like Shanaz does, all in addition to a unique feminine elegance I have rarely seen before!  I have absolutely enjoyed every single class with Shanaz, whether it was the more classical Egyptian dance or the fast Rai rythms.  I would very warmly recommend her classes and her school to anyone who has a keen and serious desire to learn about Arab Dances and Arab culture."  

Elisabeth De Dobbeleer, summer 2013 







Marly Wong





"I am totally captured by the elegance and grace of Shanaz who exudes the authentic beauty of this rich dance form. Nearly five years down the road, she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and artistic creativity. I admire her for her skills and dedication as a teacher who generously shared with her students her secrets in mastering bellydance. I am inspired by and grateful to her for bringing out the beauty in me.   Shanaz, my dear teacher, I salute you!!" 


  Fiona Ng 











Beginners & Intermediates

Limited space

January 2015

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Fees $HK980